The Square K Journals 01: The First Draft

On 20th November 2016, the day after my birthday, I walked from my house with a few friends who had come to visit for the weekend, along the road and up onto the local fell.

I had not been living in the house for very long but I hadn’t wasted any time checking out the local footpaths, easily accessible from my doorstep without any need to get into a car.  The weather over the weekend had been near perfect for winter – snow on the ground, blue skies and sunshine.  We walked up the hill towards two trees standing on the clean, flowing, curvilinear profile of the near horizon line.  Familiarity told me that contrary to appearances this was not a hilltop but rather the top of a rise, which then subtly fell away before rising again, long and gradual to the eventual but currently unseen highpoint in the distance.  There was still snow on the ground and it clearly picked out the track we were following as it settled in the parallel lines of the vehicle ruts.  The track was an invitation to visit the trees, which stood visually unchallenged against a winter-sky backdrop, populated by thin cloud and beginning to take on the late afternoon colours of the low, setting sun.

This was the occasion I took my first photograph of these two trees, which lead the way to more photographs of the same trees in the ensuing years.  Not only that, it was the inspiration for the eventual launch of my on-going photographic venture MySqK, which champions the idea that the greatest photographic inspiration can be found right on your own doorstep.  More can be read about MySqK on this website here:

AH Taking Photos for MySqK

Its message seems keener and more relevant than ever during these covid-influenced times that we now live in.  I have certainly found my local patch to be the ideal sanctuary to which I have needed to retreat, over the last few years especially.  With that, my work on the book, which other than the first five Limited Edition prints (, will be the first tangible result of MySqK, gained momentum in 2020.  It continued with real purpose into this year, to the point where I now have a long-awaited first draft in softback form.  My goal was to finish the book this year, which I have achieved to a certain extent (by assembling words and images in the form of a book) but as with most ventures that have consumed much time and effort, it is often worth taking the extra time, if required, in order to achieve the best possible result.  To that end I view this first draft as a working copy, which is now in the hands of my editor.  I have some small revisions of my own that I want to make but am sure they will be joined by some constructive suggestions from Rae.  I await her feedback!

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