Shortlisted for Trail UK Mountain Photo 2019

Back in October 2019 I entered three photographs into Trail Magazines ‘UK Mountain Photo 2019’ competition.

With no particular regularity I’ve entered a number of photographic competitions over the years, as and when I think I have an image or images that have a chance.  Now I ought to quickly follow that statement up by saying that I really have very little to no idea at all of what the judges of these competitions are looking for.  That is solidly endorsed by the clear contrast that exits between the three images I entered (let’s call it the scatter gun approach).  For the record though, I like and quietly rate all three images, and that’s as far as my thoughts go when I enter any photographic competition.  There is very little merit in giving winning a second thought.  The competitive side of me wants to win of course, or else I wouldn’t bother entering, but the rest of me is content in the knowledge that as a fierce self critic of my own work, I like these photos no matter what any judge thinks.

And so it was to my great surprise and delight that in December I received notification that my photograph taken from An Teallach looking south (above), had been shortlisted for the award.  The picture was published in the January 2020 edition of Trail (on sale in November 2019!) as one of the 15 shortlisted photographs.  So, did I then start thinking about winning?  Well, for a short while I’ll admit to thinking about making the top three – the prize positions – but then as time went on I talked myself out of that and just enjoyed seeing my photograph in the magazine alongside some other great mountain images.

Now after 22 weeks of competition, 1473 entries, 15 shortlisted photographs and six judges (including the general public), the winner has been published in the March edition of Trail magazine (on sale as of January 2020).  It’s not me I hasten to add, but my congratulations go to Ray Smith (youtube: Renegade Scot) for his fabulous image of Buachaille Etive Mor.  Both Ray’s image and my own can be viewed here in The Press and Journal.

Sundown on Suilven: One of my three entries for UK Mountain Photo 2019. This photo can also be viewed on this website in Collections: This Land
Y Garn from Tryfan: One of my three entries for UK Mountain Photo 2019. This photo can also be viewed and purchased on this website in Shop or Collections: This Land
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