The Square K Journals 02: Looking Back to Autumn

6th October 2021

It had been weeks since my last visit to the square with my camera.

I was feeling the need to get back there and re-immerse myself in the familiarity of this landscape. Neither the weather nor the light conditions were offering inspiration, so I headed straight to the two trees. There was significant cloud cover and the light was disappointingly flat. That said, there was some interest in the sky. A snipe burst into the air with rapidly flapping wings, reminding me of the snitch in Harry Potter’s game of Quidditch. The big elm tree was clinging onto its dry, brown, autumnal leaves as if it’s clothing had become worn, tattered and well past it’s best. I liked being up here at this time of day, when due to conditions you were even less likely than normal to see anyone else. It seemed to give me the space I needed for my thoughts.

Hanging On To Autumn


20th October 2021

Autumn: it brings a mixture of heavy rain and beautiful sunshine. Mild temperatures and crisp, cool days. Constant rain of some description had been the pattern for the day, until some unexpected sunshine broke through late in the afternoon. I headed for the square. As often had been the case when time was against me in relation to a rising or setting sun, I immediately set a course for the two trees. Their position and the aspect of their location provided the most likely photographic opportunities. The sheep had collected close by the track I was on, grazing contentedly. I could see the elm had lost more leaves since my last visit a fortnight ago, its full skeletal frame almost entirely revealed now. The last low rays of sun raked across the western-facing ground. Behind me the sun was now down but its presence remained as it up-lit the random collection of cloud formations to the southwest, hanging out for as long as they could before the night closed in and put them to bed. Eventually the colour was left to the sky across the horizon line and above that the largest mass of cloud mimicked a murmuration in the clearness of the darkening blue. 

Cloud Murmuration


1st November 2021

We descended the track with the sun on our backs and delighted in the (of late) rare experience of it all. Fly made sure every puddle became acquainted with his four paws as we left the two trees behind us for another day and ran for home on this first day of November. We’d managed to coincide with a rare break in the weather after days and days of heavy rain and flood warnings. It was good to feel that warmth and look towards some brightness in the sky.

Sun On Our Backs
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