Summit View from Triglav


Standing on the highest point in Slovenia with the sun highlighting the edge of a dynamic cloud formation above the surrounding mountains. This picture captures the atmosphere and far-reaching view commanded by such elevation.

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Mount Triglav is the highest peak of the Julian Alps in Slovenia. It is the pre-eminent symbol of the country and centrepiece of Triglav National Park. The mountain itself is impressive, but the views from it are equally so.

This photograph was taken on a multi-day, round trip climb to the top of Triglav. At just over 2,863 metres (9,395 feet) high, commanding views presented themselves from the upper reaches of the mountain, showing off the beauty of its surroundings. Shooting into the evening sun meant that each layer and outline of near and distant mountain was beautifully revealed, each one becoming paler in tone the further away it lay.


Julian Alps, Triglav National Park. Slovenia

Technical Information

Nikon F100
Fuji Velvia


Summit View from Triglav - Sketch.jpg

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