Rock-bound Seaweed


Close up of fresh, green seaweed beautifully displayed on the natural rock to which it is attached.

Available in the following sizes:
A3 | Actual Image size 267 x 374mm (Margin Top & Sides:15mm, Bottom:31mm)
A2 | Actual Image size 380 x 532mm (Margin Top & Sides:20mm, Bottom:42mm)

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I love the way this wave-dragged seaweed is clinging to the flat rock; firmly anchored into the deeper cracks. The duller grey colour of the rock provides a perfect canvas for the freshness of the green seaweed. Compositionally, this picture draws on the network of cracks which almost imitate the network of leaves in the way each fan out in the same direction.


Northumberland. United Kingdom

Technical Information

Nikon D70
50mm ISO 400 1/15 sec @ F20


Rock-bound Seaweed Sketch

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