In The Blizzard


A minimalist and ghostly image of a tree left isolated in a landscape with near white out conditions.

Available in the following sizes:
A3 | Actual Image size 267 x 374mm (Margin Top & Sides:15mm, Bottom:31mm)
A2 | Actual Image size 380 x 532mm (Margin Top & Sides:20mm, Bottom:42mm)

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This particular winter brought some notably sustained periods of snow in the north. The tree was familiar to me and I had considered it a worthy subject on a number of occasions but I had yet to find the photograph for it. When the snows came the shape and form of the tree began to emerge from the blank canvas that was developing around it.

As it turned out, on the day the snow was at its heaviest – the day I thought would give me the picture I was looking for – the wall, the fence and some of the longer grass also managed to register on a landscape that was otherwise completely white. These other elements added the mimimim amount of context, necessary to complete the image.


Cumbria. United Kingdom

Technical Information

Nikon D700
35mm ISO 200 1/80 sec @ F18


In The Blizzard Sketch

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