Heading Out Of Town


An atmospheric monochrome image taken in a remote location to capture a wild sense of isolation.

Available in the following sizes:
A3 | Actual Image size 267 x 374mm (Margin Top & Sides:15mm Bottom:31mm)
A2 | Actual Image size 380 x 532mm (Margin Top & Sides:20mm Bottom:42mm)

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This photograph was taken in a small town in Argentina – hundreds of miles from anywhere. Having arrived late in the day following a long drive on poor roads, I wandered out with my camera to stretch my legs and get a feel for where I actually was. The settlement was on the edge of nowhere.

I wasn’t looking to photograph anything in particular but was keen to capture that strong sense of remote isolation. It was getting dark and photographic opportunities were fading with the light. The solitary figure under the solitary street lamp gives that ‘one horse town’ feel to the picture and invites us to make up our own story for what might lie behind the image.


Patagonia. Argentina

Technical Information

Nikon D700
28mm ISO 6400 1/10 sec @ F11


Heading Out Of Town Sketch

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