Frosted Leaves


A close up detail of various leaves lying naturally on the ground. This photograph embraces shape, colour and texture, but most significantly – composition

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A3 | Actual Image size 267 x 374mm (Margin Top & Sides:15mm, Bottom:31mm) £89

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I find myself drawn to nature’s detail and so always feel attuned to the possibility of discovering something interesting. I was on a regular walk with the dog on this frosty February morning when the sweet chestnut leaves on the ground started to catch my eye. It took quite a while and a lot of keeping the dog under control to seek this composition out.

With such a complex and natural arrangement of vegetation it’s not easy to find something that works successfully as an image. Every element within the frame is under close scrutiny to ensure a successful composition. I’ve looked at this photograph many, many times and not only does it continue to hold my attention, happily I never have the mental urge to move anything.

Print Size

A3 (Actual Image size 267 x 374mm)


Berkshire, United Kingdom

Technical Information

Nikon D70
38mm ISO 640 1/8 sec @ F16


Frosted Leaves Sketch

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