Across The Dunes | Morocco


Two boys heading for home captured on a sand dune ridge in Morocco, bathed in the late evening light.

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A3 | Actual Image size 390 x 244mm (Margin Top & Sides:15mm, Bottom:38mm) £89

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I explored this sand dune region of Morocco with eager anticipation of the photographic possibilities. Dunes always present wonderful opportunities of shape and form but in this vast landscape I was also looking for something to add scale and focus.

When I saw the two boys heading towards the dunes I had picked out to photograph, I just had to wait and hope they entered the frame. The warmth and colour the late evening light brings to the sand dunes gives the feel to this image, but the story it tells belongs to the two boys



Technical Information

Nikon D100
Fuji Velvia


Across The Dunes | Morocco Sketch

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